Mission of Doble Ocho



Doble Ocho is a complete tango festival, totally one of a kind. The festival has a unique sociable atmosphere, where it is easy to find old friends or make new ones. It offers an innovative programme within a traditional tangofestival framework.


Over the years, Doble Ocho has maintained its unique formula with events like the 'Caravane Tango', an attempt at a tango dancing world record, a concert with bandoneón, double bass and church organ in Nijmegen's St Stephen's Church, the first tango fusion night seen at a tango festival in the Netherlands and the introduction of the tangomusic contest. But also the tango Fusion Music JAM is one of a kind in tangoland. Doble Ocho is not a fusion festival, but more a festival where creativity is stimulated in optima forma with a classical base. And where a good music programme is becoming more and more important, resulting in not less than 7 concerts in the 2010 edition from Caceres to Tanghetto. 


So, there's clearly much more to experience than just the workshops and salons. But Doble Ocho is also in transition. Organiser Lucien Lecarme pronounced in the 2012 edition that the 2013th jubilee edition might as well be the last one. So what is going to happen to Doble Ocho after 2013 ?
The festival might continue, but certainly in a different format. Organiser Lucien Lecarme has put a lot of love and attention to 10 editions of Doble Ocho, supported by so many volunteers and help of coordinators that all made Doble Ocho what it is today ! But Lucien is now focusing on writing a book in Ibiza. Also the tango world changes and if Doble Ocho continues, it will adapt to actual trends and developments in tango. So there is a real chance that this 10th edition will be the last one. So come and celebrate with us !
Be in the moment, be on Doble Ocho !


We welcome you for a complete TANGO EXPERIENCE with music, dance, culture and fun!!


Lucien Lecarme


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photo by Lucien Lecarme








El Corte

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