De Vereeniging
saturday march 31

Bachar is a musician and tango dancer who had enjoyed tango music even before he started to dance. He loves the connection between music, movement, and the couple which is creating a dynamic and emotional expression in the dance. As a DJ, Bachar provides tango music that goes very fast from ear to heart to feet.






12.00 - 18.00 Sunday april 1


During a DJ-set I select music from my collection which fits best for providing an interesting dancing experience. I try to catch the mood of the moment by observing the dancers and translate this feedback into the tanda. My tango collection is quite waste and in high resolution for best sound perception. I play mainly from the Guardia Nueva and Epoca de Oro repertoire but there are no limitations, everything is possible. If I feel that a newer song fits the moment and it’s dancable I play it. In my opinion it is very important to provide a variation in musical style between the tandas and to develop a tanda flow for having an enjoyable milonga.
Tango DJ by Jens


De Vereeniging
friday march 31

Giggio is a young exponent of a generation of artists who's main feature is the union of many discipines. Born in an artist's family, he had a strong musical educatuon and started dancing tango at the age of 13. That was when he became Norberto "Pulpo" Esbres student, with whom he worked as an instuctor and teacher not very long after that. During the next 6 years he developed his on aproach to tango based in improvisation and comunicantion with a strong emphasis in musicality - an unique style playful and technical.
Living in Buenos Aires he took part of CETA (Tango-Art Experimentral Center) where he, among other innovative artists, created one of the first fusion tango shows "Ressureccion Urbana"
In the last 5 years he travelled the world teaching and performing in diverse schools and festivals and djing in many events in the most popular tango-scenes of Europe.




De Vereeniging
saturday march 31

DJ Arthur is tangodanser in hart en nieren. Hij weet wat dansers raakt. En zo draait hij. Een mooie mix van oud en nieuw, met soms een uitspatting. Een mooie avond, noemen dansers zijn salons. Sinds 2002 heeft hij honderden salons gedraaid varierend van kleinschalige oefensalons voor de leerlingen tot grootschalige evenementen zoals Tangomagia en de optredens van Bajofondo en Narcotango in Amsterdam.

Dj Arthur is als geen ander opzoek naar de grenzen van de tango. Hij is een van de pioniers die speuren naar andere muziek waar je tango op kunt dansen. Hij kan een keuze maken uit meer dan 16.000 nummers waarvan de helft traditionele tango en de andere helft alternatieve muziek is.





21.00 - 01.00 wednesday march 28

EL Corte


A classically trained musician having had a career in opera as a young singer, Julian applies his in-depth knowledge of music, to tango as a DJ, teacher, and singer for Orquesta Típica Budapest, in ways that are making great impressions on many tangueros throughout Europe. Quickly gaining notoriety for his DJing ability, he is always striving to present only the most cherished aspects of what tango has to offer.

Orquesta Tipica Budapest




De Vereeniging



I started dancing tango in 1991 and immediately fell in love with tango music. From my earliest dancing days, I have been collecting tango music. As my collection grew bigger and bigger, my urge to do more with the music also grew. In 2002 I started DJ-ing in El Corte.

Both as a dancer and as a DJ, I am a child of El Corte. In DJ-ing I adapted the El Corte style of DJ-ing; which is that from time to time traditional dance music from the thirties, forties and fifties is mixed with special (non tango and alternative tango) music to break the habits of the dancers. So don't be surprised when I play something that is not tango at all, but is tango danceable after all :).

I aim at a wavelike flow of energy in a milonga, building up tension and energy, releasing it with something special and then starting to work up to the next climax. I do not play cortinas (pause musics that seperate the blocks of tangos, valses, milongas, --etc.), because I 
prefer a continuous flow from beginning till end of the milonga.



Waalzaal, Stads schouwburg

Started Dj`ing at party`s when he was 13 years old.

In the early 90`s this became a part time job in a club, as one of the pioneers of new beat and acid. In 2001 he started DJ`ing tango at La Luna Antwerp. Now you can hear him as one of the resident DJ`s at La Tangueria Brussels , La Luna Antwerp and Cuartito Azul Rotterdam. You could also hear him play last year at the aniversary party of Flor de Tango, at the Amsterdam Marathon, the Halle marathon (Berlin) etc…

His style is playing with a great respect for classic tango DJ`ing using tandas and cortinas, always looking at, and playing for the dancers. At certain venues he also plays neo tango and nuevo tango, often mixed as one neo trip.

Stefan Wimmer

El Corte goodbye salon

Sunday april 24

After spending 1 year in Munich dancing nearly every night 

he was ready to look for something more and he found it in another city in another country: Nijmegen - Holland. There 

he stopped taking classes for a while and started dancing - 

all night & day long. And there he learned that there are 

mainly 3 components which make a Tango a Tango: 
the partner you're dancing with the music you're dancing to 

the other people who are dancing in the same room with 


The most important thing since then is for him
'not what you dance but how you dance it'.


Stefan was once asked from TJ colleagues from El Corte 

what his favorites are and he only could give them the

"favorites of the day" because there are so many wonderful songs in the Tango that he falls in love with different songs every day :

Solo Compasión- Orquesta Típica Victor Con Angel Vargas 
El Paladín - Osvaldo Pugliese 
El Buey Solo - Ricardo Tanturi 
Tango Guapo - Lucio Demare Con Roberto Arrieta 
Te Quiero Ver Escopeta - Enrique Rodriguez 



I started to dance in 1998 and made my debut as a DJ in 2003.  My DJ philosophy is that each milomga needs something different. I especially enjoy catering to the musical needs of the dancers and finding music that fits the atmosphere of a milonga. I like to create a festive party, for which I use a variety of playful, 
danceable, classic tango, with every once in a while something special to create a magical dance moment.