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De Vereeniging


Michael Rühl from Berlin collects Tango music since 24 years. Since all this time, he puts on the records regularely at different milongas. Basically classic Tango music from 9 decades, but also modern forms like e.g. electro-Tango. Always looking after offering good and dancable music to the dancers. Michael can be called an authority on tangomusic since he spents most of his time collecting not only the music but also magazines and tango flyers, or researching for rare recordings or limited editions for more than 20 years now. As organiser of the Berlin international tangofestival, he brought together maestro's like Marcucci, Alberto Podesta and Luis Stazo ( Berlin, 2009 festival ) and is always looking for the best in both worlds, classical and fusion.











El Corte





James has been involved with Argentine tango for over 10 years, as a dancer and DJ, and has made numerous trips around Europe and Argentina. In his native Brussels, he has been a regular milonga DJ for the last several years, building up a vast and varied repertoire, while maintaining a solid foundation of quality. As a dancer and a musician, he is acutely aware of dancers' needs, and is now a frequent guest DJ at milongas all over Europe (Köln, Düsseldorf, Genève, Cambridge, Berlin, ...)








De Vereeniging


"Since 2004 I have regulary put on the music at milongas, festivals and marathons in Germany and Europe.
My great passion are the Tango orchestras of the 30s and 40s, but in my selected repertoire of music there is room for modern styles as well. 
My goal is to create a well danceable and varied mixture of music which inspires the dancers and provides for a beautiful evening full of atmosphere."











foto by Lucien Lecarme



De Vereeniging



I started dancing tango in 1991 and immediately fell in love with tango music. From my earliest dancing days, I have been collecting tango music. As my collection grew bigger and bigger, my urge to do more with the music also grew. In 2002 I started DJ-ing in El Corte.

Both as a dancer and as a DJ, I am a child of El Corte. In DJ-ing I adapted the El Corte style of DJ-ing; which is that from time to time traditional dance music from the thirties, forties and fifties is mixed with special (non tango and alternative tango) music to break the habits of the dancers. So don't be surprised when I play something that is not tango at all, but is tango danceable after all :).

I aim at a wavelike flow of energy in a milonga, building up tension and energy, releasing it with something special and then starting to work up to the next climax. I do not play cortinas (pause musics that seperate the blocks of tangos, valses, milongas, --etc.), because I 
prefer a continuous flow from beginning till end of the milonga.




Waalzaal, Stads schouwburg

Started Dj`ing at party`s when he was 13 years old.

In the early 90`s this became a part time job in a club, as one of the pioneers of new beat and acid. In 2001 he started DJ`ing tango at La Luna Antwerp. Now you can hear him as one of the resident DJ`s at La Tangueria Brussels , La Luna Antwerp and Cuartito Azul Rotterdam. You could also hear him play last year at the aniversary party of Flor de Tango, at the Amsterdam Marathon, the Halle marathon (Berlin) etc…

His style is playing with a great respect for classic tango DJ`ing using tandas and cortinas, always looking at, and playing for the dancers. At certain venues he also plays neo tango and nuevo tango, often mixed as one neo trip.

















VJ Pierre M aka Neo_P


Waalzaal, Stads schouwburg


Working as a director, cameraman and editor for the French TV, Pierre M aka Neo_P quickly got into VJing (Live Video Mix on live DJ Music). He became VJ for the electronic music scene eight years ago and formed the duo "Boycott Power".
Four years ago, he discovered the Argentinean tango. Since then, he has organized a couple of video music tango events: the milongas "Vol de nuit" (2008), and "Lundi Rouge" (2009) both in Marseilles and the milonga "Roter Montag" (2010) at the HBC of the Alexander Platz in Berlin. He aims his works towards the bold mix between tango and pictures. He is also developing partnerships with European Tango Festivals (Berlin, Brussels, Bremen, Nijmegen, Firenze, Istanbul, Oslo) in order to have all tango fans of the world discover this new mix. He's also working on next official Otros Aires and Electrocutango videoclip.


Stefan Wimmer

El Corte goodbye salon

Sunday april 24

After spending 1 year in Munich dancing nearly every night 

he was ready to look for something more and he found it in another city in another country: Nijmegen - Holland. There 

he stopped taking classes for a while and started dancing - 

all night & day long. And there he learned that there are 

mainly 3 components which make a Tango a Tango: 
the partner you're dancing with the music you're dancing to 

the other people who are dancing in the same room with 


The most important thing since then is for him
'not what you dance but how you dance it'.


Stefan was once asked from TJ colleagues from El Corte 

what his favorites are and he only could give them the

"favorites of the day" because there are so many wonderful songs in the Tango that he falls in love with different songs every day :

Solo Compasión- Orquesta Típica Victor Con Angel Vargas 
El Paladín - Osvaldo Pugliese 
El Buey Solo - Ricardo Tanturi 
Tango Guapo - Lucio Demare Con Roberto Arrieta 
Te Quiero Ver Escopeta - Enrique Rodriguez 

Jamie Collier

Afterparty friday 22 april


With El Corte as my inspiration, I bring the same commitment to creating a beautiful environment for dancers - not only by choosing music that gets everyone on the dance floor, but leaving the floor in a state of bliss.

 I have been djing since 2005, first focusing on Golden Age orchestras, and since then seeking out good modern versions of tango favorites and alternative music to which one feels inspired to dance tango.  Since I spend so much time on the dance floor, I play songs or versions that I have not heard when I am dancing, so my music sounds fresh - and because I am from the States, I have access to music that hasn't made it to Europe yet.

 Like the other dj's I like to play music that builds emotionally in waves.  Although I'm a romantic at heart, I enjoy energetic and fun music that keeps the floor in high spirits throughout the evening.  For the after-party, I will be very mindful of my dancer's feet, so the music will be different from the rest of the evening - but still entice you to dance. I look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!" 




Courage Hotel

I started to dance in 1998 and made my debut as a DJ in 2003.  My DJ philosophy is that each milomga needs something different. I especially enjoy catering to the musical needs of the dancers and finding music that fits the atmosphere of a milonga. I like to create a festive party, for which I use a variety of playful, 
danceable, classic tango, with every once in a while something special to create a magical dance moment.