Sven Elze

Sven Elze has been exploring and teaching Tango for a decade. His training in martial arts movement and breath, the fine art of drawing, painting and sculpture, and music on a multitude of instruments have each in their own right been a source of inspiration and insight in his technical and poetical application of tango.  Sven has played the bass guitar in 12 bands, travelled to India to live and study the Tabla with one of the most legendary teachers in the genre and has performed and recorded as a world-percussionist with the Tango-Jazz Ensemble "bassa".  Sven has been a fulltime Tango instructor at Malajunta, Berlin, since shortly after it opened 10 years ago.  Since then his teaching career has taken him to cities in Europe, USA and Australia.


Sven’s workshops on musicality explore the hidden capabilities of his participants in a fun and confidence building way.  He incorporates a thoughtful combination of exercises that develop strong and independent rhythmical sense, balance and flow

Drumming & Tango : From drumming beat to tango heat

Doble Ocho introduces a new concept on a tangofestival : Drumming & Tango. In 3 seperate workshops, one surprise workshop of an hour on thursday night ( 20.00 - 21.00 for 15 euro ) and 2 workshops on sunday march 31, Sven will use djembe's and other percussion intstruments to first explore the inner rythms of the participants of these workshops.

The Drumming in these workshops will function as a unifying group experience. In the workshops Sven will work in smaller groups with people on their rhythm skills via WALKING-, BEATBOXING- and CLAPPING -exercises. He has worked out some easy-to-learn rhythm patterns that when combined can be put together to amazing complexity or help create 3,5 or 7 rhythms which are new for most westerners (not the 3). With the participants we learn CONCENTRATION, (through speaking long cycles of rhythms), ACCENTS (dynamic use of diaphram) and INTERACTION (clapping with the group/partner)

Than we are ready to integrate the personal rythm into tango dancing ( Get more groove in your moves ! )

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Show with Guggi Zuzakova



Photography by Ishka Michocka & Ralf Hartung