Ruben Y Sabrina Veliz

They start their artistic career in the well known Ballet Brandsen in 1989, as cast members during 8 years. They made appearances with this company in the most important venues of Argentina such as: Cosquin Festival, Luna Park, Opera Theatre, Teatro Argentino de La Plata, Podesta, and the Teatro Colon, among others.

In Early 1997 they start their career as a solo couple appearing in presentations with : Adrina Varela, Argentino Ledesma, Maria Volonte, Pascual “Cholo” Mamone, the Gigi Dángelis Orchestra, Ricardo “chiqui” Pereyra, El Quinteto Real, Hugo Marcel, Cuarteto Volpe, Orquesta Color Tango, Sexteto Canyengue, Ernesto Baffa.

March 1998 through February 2001, they were cast in the Nueva Compañia Tangueros, as first dancers with wich they premiered the show “Milonga Boulevard” in New York, USA, playing the lead couple of the Julio Cortazar piece (Las Puertas del Cielo): Mauro and Celina. Their work received excellent reviews from critic Jack Anderson of the "New York Times".

On April 30, 2005 they made an appearance during the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Queen Beatrix of Holland reign, performing Gallo Ciego (a choreography especially created for this occasion ) with live music from the Canyengue sextet directed by Karel Craayenhof.

This event was part of a special TV show (viewed by 3.500.000 people) in the presence of Queen Beatrix, prince Alexander and Princess Máxima and the royal family.

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