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Eric Jeurissen

Eric is the founder of el corte. Studied dance education at the Rotterdam conservatory.

Has been dancing for 26 years. He began dancing the tango in 1987, inspired by Pepito Avellaneda. He teaches on a regular basis in Nijmegen, London, Antwerp, Malta and NYC. Many other cities are visited on a yearly basis.


Claartje Bossevain


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Eric about El Corte:

The best way of learning tango is to dance it. Therefore el corte organizes -next to a lot of teaching- salons, practice nights, workshops, concerts, films and lectures.
The building is the nest. You can find it close to the main railway station. A lot of (foreign) visitors feel at home in el corte. This gives an easy going feeling which helps creating a good dancing mood.

Money and time should not play an important role. The regular salons we offer are free and go on for more than half a day! This may help to give the dancers a feeling of having no obligations... And that can make better dancers.

All this led to having an attendance of many good dancers and that helps again to increase the spiral up for developing further into a 'deeper' tango experience.

Tango should have surprises (the venue and the public bring in that quality) and should be free of anticipation. We are still working on it!


We are spending a lot of time teaching the 350 weekly students. The organization of the schedules consumes time too. So do the international week and other workshops. Besides that Eric teaches 4 days a week abroad.


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