Daniel Arias y Frauke Unterberg


We can watch amazing situations in the milongas of Buenos Aires ! True love stories, get-together of friends, encounters...suddenly you meet someones eyes, the base to initiate a cabeceo...an invitation to dance with someone you have never seen before in your life...You embrace each other, and dance to the beat of this magic music we are calling Tango. You feel that great connection like you would know each other your whole life. And, in many cases, you live in different continents. That happened to us :
There, in one of the most traditional milongas of Buenos Aires. Frauke from Germany with an Argentinian Tangoheart and Daniel , a passionate milonguero of every "noche portena" (night of BsAs). Destiny made us meet again after a few month in Europe again. Here was born the proposal of taking part in different festivals, giving workshops together and dancing exhibitions. Since almost one year now we are already expanding our vision of creating professional projects together.

Daniel Arias

Since my early beginnings of that art of Tango, I took countless hours of classes, not only of Tango, Vals and Milonga, music and technology. I spent invaluable hours of talking with milongueros who lived that Tango that we are listening today . They were living at that time, where these orchestras we love, were playing live . That long noches in that milongas portenas (nights of BsAs), every night in a different one or even two.
The milonga was my best teacher : the codes, the behaviour , the clothes , etc. This whole experience allowed me to open my own Tango school , first in the city of San Luis / Argentina for 5 years, and now here in Europe , Erkrath/Düsseldorf in Germany. This experience gave me the ability to teach a variety of series in one class . Not only teaching how to dance Tango , there is so much more , the music, the poetry (the singer) and the dance. With these components we learn to feel, to respect breaks and doing movements in harmony with the orchestra we are listening... adding everything to an emotional embrace and starting to experience a romance. I invite you to take part in this workshop starting to share theses spices to let us taste our dance every day better.
Tango teacher since 2005 at the school " asi the Baila el Tango " in San Luis, Argentina
-2007 winner of the competition dance interamericano category Tango de Salon, San Luis , Argentina
Winner special price "Interpretation"
- 2008 winner of the competition dance interamericano category Tango de Salon , San Luis, Argentina
- 2009 winner of the competition dance interamericano category Professional dancer Tango de Salon
winner of the title "best teacher of all competition participants "
-2010 winner of the competition dance interamericano , category best professional dancer Tango de Salon , best teacher of all participants and best dancer of all categories
-2010 winner of the competition Tango de Salon Professional, final of the best dancers, at the city of Mendoza , Argentina
-2012 finalist of the worldchampionship of Tango de Salon (Mundial de Tango category Tango de Salon) Buenos Aires, Argentina

Frauke Unterberg

After dancing Ballett, Ballroom and Salsa troughout her childhood until her early years being an adult, she discovered the Tango Argentino at the magic Milonga Parakultural during one of her first visits of Buenos Aires 1996.
She finally found herself in that passionate dance and could not stop living with it anymore. After countless stays in Buenos Aires, dancing through all the milongas and practicas until today, she loves sharing her passion of that beautiful dance with other Tango Lovers .
"Tango is not just a dance , its also a way of life, kind of a meditation where I am able to express all my emotions and that always makes me happy "


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