Winner 2008 contest


Claudio Constantini Sextet

Listen here to the winning

songEl Corte 


Winner 2009 contest


Quinteto Arrastre

Listen here to winning

song : La Vida es una Milonga

Winner 2010 contest


Trio Nocturna

Listen  here to winning

song : Buenos Aires


Winner 2011 contest

El Repique

Listen here to winning

song : Cara Sucia
Read La Cadena Article here

Winner 2012 contest

Pannonica Quartet

Listen here to winning

song : Barrio de Tango


Doble Ocho organised in 2008 the first Concurso del Ocho, the Ocho. This new tangomusic competition is an initiative of Kunstburo and Tango Centre El Corte and is organised by kunstburo Lucien Lecarme. It started during the fifth Int. tangofestival Doble Ocho in march 2008. The competition is for amateur musicians, music students and semi-professional Argentinian tangomusic groups and musicians worldwide. Concurso del Ocho want's to stimulate the creation of new innovative arrangements of existing compositions, and the development of "new projects ". 


2013  Assignment


Participants make a new arrangement of an excisting composition. In the first edition, the composition was Carel Kraayenhof's El Corte. This composition was made by Carel Kraayenhof for the 16th birthday of El Corte, the start of the Doble Ocho tangofestival. Last year the songtitle was 'Barrio de Tango'


For 2013, the new assignment is 'Al compas de un tango  ' (1942)

( Music: Alberto Suárez Villanueva / Lyric: Oscar Rubens  )  

Download the music score here  ( Made by Gerard van Duinen )


To listen to this song,  visit Letras de Tango    

Or read more info on Todo Tango
The music score will become available for participants. 



How to participate?

These are the steps of becoming a participant :

1. Subscribe to this music competition by sending an email to tango(add) ( before march 1st,  2013) 75 euro subscription fee NOTE ; STUDENTS DON'T PAY THE ENTRY FEE ! 

3. The music score  will be send to the participants

4. Participants make a recording on CD or digital of their arrangement played live and they have to send this to the organisation before march 15th-2013

5. Participants will be invited  to participate in the half final on friday march 29 in Nijmegen.In the preliminary rounds, the finalists will be choosen by the jury for the finals during Doble Ocho 2013

6. NEW  tango music Students and semi-profs will have to play the 2013 Assignment  AND a home made composition during the semi  finals !

7. Ofcourse the winner will perform on the friday night salon of the Doble Ocho festival and the official Concurso trofee, both sponsored by El Corte. 


La Cadena
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about the 2011 winner El Repique here


The World Broadcasting Services made a special about the Concurso and Spanish and Argentinian Music in Holland. Watch this special here



Read the Article

'Neotango is here to stay ' 

by Arnoud de Graaff. The complete article is published on the Dutch Torito website. ( in English ! )




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