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Closest to Nijmegen is Airport (Dusseldorf) Weeze and Eindhoven Airport.  From Weeze, you can take a shuttle to Nijmegen.  Timeschedule bus transfer from and to Weeze from Nijmegen

Check : Airport DUSS- Weeze

You can fly with Ryan Air to this airport. Check  
Ryannair travels to most Spanish destinations, and furthermore to London Stansted, Marseille, Tallin, Bologna, Rome, Milano, Pisa, Venice and other Italian destinations, Zadar, Riga, Faro, Porto, Stockholm and many other


You can fly to Dusseldorf Main Airport too with  several companies, or Flughaven Koln-Bonn ( near Cologne),  with for example: Germanwings.  Then thake the fast ICE train from  Dusseldorf or Cologne to Arnhem,  and switch to Nijmegen. Look here for German train tables.


Also, Easyjet and transavia have cheap flights to Amsterdam.  Transport from Amsterdam is easy with the train. Go to Duivendrecht and take a direct train to Nijmegen. Check for time tables.

A new airline is WIZZAIR, flying from a lot of more Eastern European countries to Eindhoven ( from Budapest, Bukarest, Belgrad, Praha, Gdansk, Vilnius, Warshaw etc) or Dortmund ( from Cluj, Timisoara, Kiev, Poznan, Lodz, Sofia etc ). EIndhoven is just one hour from Nijmegen and from the central station you can take a direct train. (Dutch train info). From Dortmund you have to take a train to Dusseldorf or Koln and than take the fast ICE train to Arnhem, or take a train to Emmerich or KLeve and from there take the bus to Nijmegen. Wizz Air

Other companies:

Ryanair - Whole of Europe, flys to Weeze Airport

HLX, they fly to Koln-Bonn airport

Virgin - Europe except Germany and Norway.

Based in Brussels.

Transavia - From Amsterdam to rest of Europe,

Morocco, and Kathmandu. Not UK or Scandinavia.

British Midland - From East Midlands (UK) to


Travelpoint - Search engine for regular flights in

Europe.  Return tickets only. look for cheap flights

Cheapestflights - Charter flights, with or without accommodation. Also worldwide regular flights.

Return tickets only.

Air Berlin goes to Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Koln.

Corendon Air

goes only from Istanbul to Eindhoven and return ( Eindhoven is only 1 hour from Nijmegen goes from Helsinki to Amsterdami


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