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 Saturday March 22nd 2008


Gran Baile, Noche de Tango

 ' Doble Ocho'

celebrating 20 years El Corte


Live Music by:



feat. Luis Stazo, founder of Sexteto Mayor


 Performances by : 

- Alejandra Mantiñan y Gregorio Garrido

- Erna y Santiago Giachello



location: De Vereeniging Nijmegen ( Concert hall of Nijmegen) / 3 dance floors / info

time: 20.15 - 03.00 

ticket-sale : from 19.00 - 22.00

price: 30 euro 

reservations: via this site / +31-20-6793831 / mail

dance-performances : 22.00 - 22.30



Born in Buenos Aires , he started to play the Bandoneón with 

yet 7 years. At the age of 11 he already played in child orchestras. Until the foundation of the Sexteto Mayor in `73 , with which he registered more than 20 CD´s, he played and accompanied famous ones of the tango like Osmar Maderna, Angel Vargas, Juan Carlos, Cobián, Jorge A. Fernández, Lucio Demare, Argentino Galván, Alberto Morán And the unforgettable Roberto Goyeneche, “el Polaco“.

As an arranger he wrote only for the Sexteto Mayor more than a 150 arrangements. In his long carrier of now more than 60 years he played on all stages of the world. Awards like the Konex, the great award of Sadayc (Association of authors and compositors of the Argentina) or the Latin Grammy in the year 2004 are only a few rewards to mention. 

In his more of 100 compositions you can find pieces like 

“No nos veremos más”and “Orgullo Tanguero. Some of them he wrote together with Ernesto Baffa, Enrique Cadícamo, Julio de Caro and Federico Silva.”.

The Arrangements of “Los 14 Julio de Caro” which belongs to the most outstandings are still appreciated by all musicians all over the world.

In the last 20 years he accompanied together with the Sexteto 

mayor the Broadway Productions “Tango Argentino” and “Tango Pasión”.

From 2005 on Luis Stazo not only plays, writes and arranges 

for “StazoMayor” but also is a very warm welcome arranger and 

spezial guest of Symphony Orchestras. For the documentacion 

“Carmencita” (on DVD) he especially wrote the main song and plays it in there

As one of the few still living “Fueyeros” (Bandoneonplayer), 

he makes feel his audience the passion and melancholy of his 

city Buenos Aires.

Luis Stazo has, without no doubt, the honour to have written 

60 years of the now over 100-year-old history of the tango.

In “StazoMayor” he unites musicians like:
Christian Gerber - Bandoneon
Cesar Niro - Guitar
Kaspar Domke - Doublebass
Pablo Woizinski - Klavier

The sexteto will play one concert set and two dance sets






Biography Luis Stazo






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